In a rapidly changing world, society is becoming more complex every day. Where do we fit in, and do we even want to conform to the standards of an organised group?

the complex society contemplates, researches, questions, and is continuously looking into different visions while providing a space for inspiration.

This is an independent platform for asking the less obvious questions and a community to discuss those questions with.
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the complex society

Gwen Teo – Versie 9


A bit more about me:

Before creating the complex society, I worked as a (freelance) journalist.
During those years, I was the adjunct chief editor for a political-economic magazine, I’ve worked as a newsreader and led (panel) debates.
Helping take care of a dear family member over the past five years made me rethink certain choices, so I decided to leave the world of (daily) journalism and create a platform where people can connect and discuss thoughts that matter.

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