Sustainability Explained: Why We Need to Connect with Ourselves First, according to Gaayathri Periasami – (TALK VIDEO) PART 2

Continuing the TALK with sustainable entrepreneur (lawyer by day) Gaayathri Periasami as we dive deeper into what true sustainability means – and how to make the right choices while living in a distraction economy. PART 2 of 2.

We discuss the importance of self-preservation, the United Nations sustainable development goals and why the ‘high price equals sustainable’ mindset needs to change. Unprepared. Not edited. Just TALK.

Since Periasami became a mother she is on a mission: develop more sustainable children’s products using vintage Indian crafts and artistry while giving back to struggling communities. In the first part of this TALK the Australian entrepreneur opened up about her personal struggles with racism, her Indian roots and her business. Now she shares her views on the importance of connecting with ourselves, bridging age gaps in a fast paced world and ‘holding businesses accountable’.

Note: a black screen appears in this video (as well as in the previous video with Gaayathri) while I am asking questions. I hope it won’t stop you from watching the whole TALK, since Gaayathri has a lot to share that you might want to hear and think about.

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TALK Gaayathri Periasami  – Gwen

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